#Macaques #Monkeys #Monkey Angkor # #funny videos #funny monkey videos # funny monkeys Dear all viewers!!!!!!! Welcome toKN7 ANIMALS Channel. This video is to show about animals in wildlife, their activities, their funny actions and Especially about a group of the monkey nsme SAVANA MONKEY group. This group re the monkey that were abandoned and they come and stay and take good care of each other. If you are interested and like this kind of video, please kindly help to SUBSCRIBE,, LIKE and SHARE this video. So you will get notify when we post the next new video. Thanks for your valuable time to watch and support. If you have any question or some problems, please comment or contact us by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2OucF6YoacPP5mvN0oi0A Best regards, Jason 72